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23 June 2011

Vintage Homes: Johnson-Kay

We were able to explore the rooms, closets and stairways of an old home last week. There were pleasant surprises around each corner, and a few interesting discoveries.

Although this home is being restored and turned into the town’s commerce offices, it was once the mayor’s residence. The design and layout of the house would be perfect for practicing hospitality.

Vintage Chair

In the entryway there sat vintage chairs with great style and fabric design.

Vintage Stairway

Beside and above the mid-way landing of the stairs was a sitting area. It seems like the perfect place for portraits, and made me think of Monica’s bridal shoot.

Old Banister

Windows in the Closet

When opening a closet door, one doesn’t always expect to find light brightly shining in through windows. This miniature closet, with hooks lined at the top of the walls, looked as though it was the perfect hiding place for wee ones back in the days when it housed a family.

Inside the Closet

Inside the closet.

Old Door

At the top of these stairs was found the third floor—one large room, lined with torn wallpaper, and brightly lit by the sun shining through each of the grandly-shaped windows.

Third-Floor Windows

In the same room there was a total of three different wallpapers. The prints were of fox hunters on the move, Indians riding horses, and rabbits staring back at you. A very interesting combination.

Vintage Doorknob

And that is a close to the mini-tour of the mayor’s old home – thank you for exploring with me…
I’m looking forward to the opportunity to photograph the next vintage home!

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7 March 2011


A flower with its vibrant, created life shines from the garden. Its declaration of the might of its Maker can been seen, and it is picked to be brought indoors. Inside it still reflects the beauty, the wondrous beauty, as it drinks in the water from the glass. It brightens up the surroundings with its peaceful and cheerful face. [Continue reading…]

18 February 2011

Home Inspiration: Tripod

Some homes inspire me. Usually they’re the ones filled – and overflowing – with love, warmth, and joy. There is a special peacefulness that comes along with those characteristics.

Home Inspiration: Potatoes

Home Inspiration: Fruit Plate

We were able to spend an afternoon at the home of some dear friends. The Mrs. has blessed her home with a style that is warm, inviting, and eclectic. She has combined the cabin-feel that her husband desired with her vintage, rustic touch. And to top it all off, they built the home to have a large line-up of south-facing windows which let in the most beautiful natural lighting.

Home Inspiration: Table Setting

Home Inspiration: Onions

As I looked around the room and the set table before me, I couldn’t help but pick up my camera and capture just a few of the many frames and compositions that were racing through my mind.

Home Inspiration: Water Pitcher

It was a pleasure to capture the small, intentional details of a home filled with not only rich, organic foods, but also the joy that comes with knowing our Savior.

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31 January 2011




8 January 2011

Homemade Soap in a Crate

An old, painted crate from a rummage sale has made the perfect home for our handmade soap, making a cheerful display in our kitchen (especially with the little “sunshine” decoration).

Every batch of soap we’ve made in our home has been unique, but each and every bar of soap makes for a smooth, refreshing, and bubbly wash.

Homemade Soap

Crate: Inexpensive yard sale find

Soap: Homemade – plain & oatmeal

Decoration: Handmade and easy to make
(for a closer look, see them in a tree or basket)

P.S. You can find the recipe for this kind of soap on the Homestead Blessings: The Art of Soap Making DVD.

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15 September 2010

Maps and Sticks

When the trees are trimmed in Autumn, make sure you save the sticks. They can be used for many different things that can be useful as well as add a touch of simple beauty to your home.

In the past I have made a flower-dryer out of sticks freshly trimmed from our pear trees. Another whimsical thing we have done with the trimmings was to make a bouquet of them.

Maps and Sticks

This year we plan to make a bouquet of sticks with a special purpose. From the twigs we will hang little notes of things we are thankful for. It will be called, “The Thankful Tree.”

(But first, we’ll need to trim the trees – which can be done during any month ending with an “r”.)

14 August 2010

Vintage Books

. . . and many things to learn that can be found between the covers of books.

There is something very refreshing and satisfying about sitting down with a good book to read and study. With a long list of books to read, as well as a good deal of research to do, we will be enjoying many books over the next few weeks.

A book that I have been reading is “Beloved Bride” by Bill Potter. It is a collection of letters from General “Stonewall” Jackson to his wife, Mary Anna, with snippets about their life sprinkled throughout.

After the death of his first wife and their baby, General Jackson wrote the following in a letter to his sister, which is a wonderful example and depiction of his trust in the Lord:

I have been called to pass through the deep waters of affliction, but all has been satisfied. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord. It is his will that my Dearest wife and child should no longer abide with me, and as it is his holy will, I am perfectly reconciled to the sad bereavement, though I deeply mourn my loss.

Oh! The consolations of religion! I can willingly submit to anything if God strengthens me. I have joy in knowing that God withholds no good things from them that love and keep his commandments. And he will overrule this Sad, Sad bereavement for good.

What good books you have been reading lately?

26 July 2010

A Place for the Books

There once was an old dollhouse looking for a new home. It was handmade with love, for a special little someone . . . but she grew up and no longer wanted it.

It went to the garage sale, hoping for a new family.

A treasure-seeker found it, and saw the love put into creating it. She bought it with plans to revamp it, re-furnish it, and refine it, so that one day it would could be a dollhouse again.


But, sadly, the treasure-seeker did not have the time or opportunity to bring about her plans. It was time, again, for the dollhouse to find a new home, where hopefully it could be cherished. And that is how I come into the story.

In Piles on the Shelves

Although I do not play with dolls, or create miniature furniture . . . I do collect old books. And those books were in need of a happy place to reside – a place where they could be seen and enjoyed.

Old Binding

That dollhouse is where the stories in those old books now sit.

Old Pages, Many Stories

An old dollhouse, handmade with love, now filled with old books, being treasured anew.

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23 June 2010

Sunshine Decorations Hanging from the Tree

On June 12th, I was surrounded by my precious family and many friends whom I have had the pleasure of knowing in my lifetime. They came to celebrate what the Lord has done in my life, how He has taught, instructed, and guided me.

And how He laid it on the hearts of my parents to educate my sister and me at home.

My dear parents spoke to those gathered at our home about the workings of the Lord and His great mercy He has shown towards our family. What a blessing and encouragement to hear them speak and glorify the Lord with a testimony of His goodness.

It was a beautiful day. I have an over-abundance of things to be thankful for!

Sunshine Decoration in a Basket

As you may well know, I will be learning for the rest of my life. I have been blessed with a love of learning. The celebration was the end of my “official” education at home, but I won’t stop the adventure there. (We do have more projects in the works!)

The decorations shown above were made from folded, vintage dictionary pages which were hot-glued together. On top was glued lace (which had been sewn into a circle) with scrapbook paper added to the center. They make for a perfect whimsical decoration!