8 July 2011

July Berries

Freshly-picked, these berries are a portion of our largest – though still rather small – harvest we have had to date. We’re not professional raspberry-growers, but we do enjoy the trickling of berries we’re blessed to have from our bushes.

July Berries

“[The righteous] still bear fruit in old age;
they are ever full of sap and green,
to declare that the Lord is upright;
He is my rock, and there is no
unrighteousness in Him.”

—Psalm 92:14-15

  1. 13 Responses to “July Berries”

  2. Becky@Daily On My Way To Heaven on Jul 8, 2011 said:

    Wonderful shots! What a blessing to have some raspberries to pick from your own bushes. Enjoy!

  3. Courtney Paige on Jul 8, 2011 said:

    My family is also trying our luck at berries this year. Although, we have not yet seen the fruit of our labor, I’m looking forward to having fresh, homegrown berries. Beautiful pictures, by the way. :o) Have a wonderful summer!

  4. Elizabeth on Jul 8, 2011 said:

    Mmm…I love pretty much all fruits, although raspberries are especially delicious!! Beautiful photography {as usual!}-I saw a sneak peek on your flickr, and loved seeing them again! Love the texture and color. The Scripture was very fitting and encouraging to me! Blessings!

    With Joy in Christ,

  5. Muthering Heights on Jul 8, 2011 said:

    They look delicious…and so pretty in that adorable bowl!

  6. Marie Brewer on Jul 9, 2011 said:

    MMmmmmmm! I love red raspberries! :) We were given 3 small red raspberry bushes to plant this year by a friend. I’m excited for the day when I can pick from them. :)
    Love you all! (((HUG)))
    Marie :)

  7. Sarah on Jul 9, 2011 said:

    Lovely pics, lovely berries. we do the same with out blueberry bushes here! thanks for the saturday morning eye candy.

    In Christ,



  8. Julia on Jul 9, 2011 said:

    Hi Emily Rose!

    Oh, I LOVE raspberries. I believe they are my favorite fruit. ;) We just planted a few bushes this spring, and I hope they mature quickly so that we have more berries next year. Like you, we got a ‘trickling’ of berries, but not nearly enough to satisfy my taste buds. :D

    Hope you are all doing well…

  9. Miss. Antoinette on Jul 9, 2011 said:

    Mmmmmm…. Oh so yummy and who can go without a few berries in the summer? They are crazy!
    Mom and I are enjoying some blueberries right now. :)

    Hope y’all are having a great summer thus far dear!?

    Blessings in Christ,

    Your Sister in Christ

  10. Tarissa on Jul 9, 2011 said:

    Mmmm! Lovely, scrumptious-looking berries. Hope you enjoy!

  11. Pauline on Jul 10, 2011 said:

    Raspberries are one of my favorite flavors! I love your blog as always.

  12. Violet Incredible on Jul 12, 2011 said:

    Really nice photos! Makes me hungry:)

  13. Rhonda on Jul 13, 2011 said:

    We’ve been picking ours too–they are yummy and juicing them to make raspberry jelly. Isn’t it great to be able to get food from your own backyard?!

  14. Natalie on Jul 15, 2011 said:

    These photos are beautiful! =D

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