28 February 2013

Tree in Winter

“He only can be esteemed really and permanently happy,
who enjoys peace of mind in the favor of God.”

—Noah Webster

Sunset Tree

  1. 16 Responses to “Really and Permanently Happy”

  2. Sveta D. on Feb 28, 2013 said:

    The second picture is spectacular! And I love quotes… :)

  3. Sarah K. on Feb 28, 2013 said:

    So lovely. And a good reminder too.

  4. Rachel on Feb 28, 2013 said:

    Lovely :)

  5. Karen on Feb 28, 2013 said:

    I absolutely love your composition in the second photo above!
    Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Karen on Feb 28, 2013 said:

    A wonderful quote. Thanks, for directing my attention to the Lord! Have a lovely day!

  7. Renie on Feb 28, 2013 said:

    I enjoyed the quote and the glowing sky photo. Both are reminders to focus on God.

  8. Hannah Carrington on Feb 28, 2013 said:

    Lovely pictures!!! The second one is amazing!!!

  9. Jessica on Feb 28, 2013 said:

    Amen! :) Beautiful pictures :D

  10. Rachael on Feb 28, 2013 said:

    Beautiful Emily. Thank you for sharing that quote – God knew I needed to hear it today. :)

  11. Jessie on Feb 28, 2013 said:

    As lovely as you, Ms.Emily Rose! I always love your spectacular photography! :)


  12. Farrah on Feb 28, 2013 said:


  13. Debbie on Mar 1, 2013 said:

    My Devotions this morning took me to the book of Proverbs. The Lord is trying to teach me to “LAUGH”..My life has been full of so many responsibilites and trials that He has been ever so gently reminding me that I’ve forgotten how to laugh…the quote by Noah Webster really brought a smile to my face when I saw your beautiful post this morning…There may be times in a persons life that they struggle to be happy…BUT….remaining JOYFUL is my choice…choosing the peace of mind that only God can bring fills my heart with JOY….Please keep posting!

  14. Elisha Wolter on Mar 6, 2013 said:

    This is lovely thank you Emily! A great encouragement!

  15. Heather on Mar 9, 2013 said:

    Very true words. And the pictures are lovely.

  16. Leslie Violet on Mar 13, 2013 said:

    Such true words! ♥ Dear Emily Rose, your blog is such an inspiration. Every post is so uplifting and beautiful. May God bless you in all that you do.

    ~Leslie Violet

  17. jenn nahrstadt on Apr 7, 2013 said:

    found your site through angie smith, and i too am a Hoosier, born and bred.

    this photograph of the tree with the sunset behind it is breathtaking. i’ve always loved trees during the winter more than at any other time of year because you can see so much detail. twilight, when earth and sky mesh like this to sing praises to their Creator, is my favorite time of day.

    thanks for sharing your gifting!

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