12 September 2009

Ant City Town Hall Meeting

Reminders of God’s amazing design and creativity!

Ladybug Walking

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  2. Shannon on Sep 12, 2009 said:

    I love ladybirds! :-) Isn’t it odd how some bugs seem “disgusting,” while others are just adorable? Or maybe that’s just me! ;-) At any rate, gorgeous pictures (as always!).

    Love in Christ,

  3. Shutterbug on Sep 12, 2009 said:

    I love ladybugs! All of those little critters are designed with such detail. (And we smash them without thinking about it) God is SO amazing! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. :)
    Miss you deary! :'(
    Marie :)

  4. Buttercup on Sep 12, 2009 said:

    how small! I LOVE small things! :D

  5. Miss Jen on Sep 12, 2009 said:

    God’s creation is marvelous!!! :)

    Love~ Miss Jen

  6. Cassie on Sep 12, 2009 said:

    Beautiful pictures, Emily Rose!

    I’ve missed talking with you since the Father and Daughter retreat, but, unfortunately, I lost your email address. I will continue trying to find it, but do you think that you could send it to me again?

    Love in Christ,
    Your “sister” in Him,

  7. Sarah Elizabeth on Sep 14, 2009 said:

    What great pictures! God’s creation is so amazing, even to the smallest datails!

    {Sarah Elizabeth}

  8. Alyssa W. on Sep 15, 2009 said:

    Emily, I love your photography! The little lady bug is so cute. :) Do you mind my asking…what kind of camera you have? Thanks!

  9. Hannah on Sep 15, 2009 said:

    Isn’t it wild to see those huge groups of ants? I always wonder if they are after food, or what they are doing.
    Neat pictures, I really like the ladybug one.


  10. OldFashionGirl (Lexi) on Sep 19, 2009 said:

    Hi Emily!

    i do not know if you remember me from homeschoolblogger. I have moved blogs just like you. My link will take you to a blog about my doll collection.

    Anyway, i just wanted to say i am so impressed by your and Breezy’s paper dolls! We will purchase some when they come out. Your are such an inspiration to me! I have been reading your posts about collage and young ladies of Christ. I graduate this year, and I have been struggling with this. I do not want to go, and as far as I can tell (through me prayer life) I do not think that is God’s plan for me. I know i want to teach, but I do not want to teach in schools. I am confident that God will bring His will around for me somehow.

    However, I feel constantly at unease that my duty (in this day and age) is to go to collage. I have 2 EXTREMELY independent and less conservative sisters. The youngest (who has skipped some grades in homeschool and will graduate with me)is very rude about the whole “staying at home with family” issue.

    I just want you to know that you encouraged me again!


    Please keep in tough.
    E-mail me when you can!

  11. Miss Anna on Sep 19, 2009 said:

    Ohhh! The lady bug picture is adorable! :)

  12. Miss Rebekah Ann S. on Sep 21, 2009 said:

    Ok, I tried to comment on this post last night, but it never looked like it went through for moderation, so I’m trying it again! If this turns out to be a duplicate, then just ignore it!! :)

    That lady bug picture was just way too precious!! How tiny, and what detail! Our God is a wonderful designer, and studying His creation is one of my favorite pasttimes. Thank you for the wonderful photography yet again, Emily! :)

    We wanted to thank you again for the wonderful fellowship and great food a couple Sundays ago. We had such a fun and special time with you and your sweet family. Thank you for showing us your project, and how it had progressed over the weeks. We also especially loved hearing how the Lord had brought everything together in such an amazing fashion. God is so good, and we are just so happy for and proud of you!! You ladies are such wonderful inspirations. If there’s anything we can do to support you in your projects, please don’t hesitate to let us know!!

    We love you,
    Rebekah and the rest of the family

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