12 August 2009

When we proclaim the truth, we should always keep in mind that it is God who changes minds and hearts, not any eloquence or persuasiveness that we possess. We mustn’t let fear or frustration keep us from being bold and loving in our proclamations. . . . we may never see the impact of our witness this side of heaven . . . continue reading.”

Jasmine Baucham at Joyfully Home

Every minute of the day we are teaching our children volumes about being a wife and mother just as our husbands teach by their example what it is to be a father and leader of the home. . . . Remember in your heart that one of the key ways to begin to change your home and culture around you is by beginning with yourself . . . continue reading.”

– Mrs. June Fuentes at A Wise Woman Builds Her Home
(from her series on The Christian Mother)

  1. 4 Responses to “Encouragement: Influence”

  2. Miss Eyebright on Aug 12, 2009 said:

    Those are beautiful and true thoughts. Thanks again for sharing! :D

    Have a very bright, very cheerful day!
    Miss Eyebright

  3. McKenzie Elizabeth on Aug 12, 2009 said:

    Hello Emily Rose!
    Thank you for an uplifting post! I greatly enjoyed the delightful reads.

    I hope you and your family are doing well!

    McKenzie Elizabeth~

  4. Miss Jen on Aug 12, 2009 said:

    Yes indeed….
    what true words spoken by
    Virtuous Women of the Faith!!!!

    With Much Love~ Miss Jen

  5. Rebecca on Aug 13, 2009 said:

    Hello Emily! Entirely off-topic, but typed nonetheless, I do hope you are planning to head up the Homemade Christmas Meme this year as well (please, please?!?) I enjoyed your posts last year (even though I couldn’t participate because of a move) and now, am gleaning wonderful ideas for THIS year. I have resolved to make EVERY SINGLE THING that I give this year, and being a mother of three, that means I have to start NOW. So, I am feeling like a mighty sweaty Santa in this August heat as I make plans and lists and begin the crafting.

    As always, I am inspired by your maturity and love of spiritual things. Be well!

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