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14 August 2010

Vintage Books

. . . and many things to learn that can be found between the covers of books.

There is something very refreshing and satisfying about sitting down with a good book to read and study. With a long list of books to read, as well as a good deal of research to do, we will be enjoying many books over the next few weeks.

A book that I have been reading is “Beloved Bride” by Bill Potter. It is a collection of letters from General “Stonewall” Jackson to his wife, Mary Anna, with snippets about their life sprinkled throughout.

After the death of his first wife and their baby, General Jackson wrote the following in a letter to his sister, which is a wonderful example and depiction of his trust in the Lord:

I have been called to pass through the deep waters of affliction, but all has been satisfied. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord. It is his will that my Dearest wife and child should no longer abide with me, and as it is his holy will, I am perfectly reconciled to the sad bereavement, though I deeply mourn my loss.

Oh! The consolations of religion! I can willingly submit to anything if God strengthens me. I have joy in knowing that God withholds no good things from them that love and keep his commandments. And he will overrule this Sad, Sad bereavement for good.

What good books you have been reading lately?

24 February 2010

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