15 November 2010

An artist's table.

The crisp, cool air and the trees dropping their summer glory are reminding us that winter is quickly approaching. Surrounding us is the beauty of this season, and from Breezy‘s studio emerged an illustration capturing a sweet glimpse of Autumn.

Gathering Autumn Joys

Autumn joys are captured in this precious painting. Prints available here.

  1. 13 Responses to “Captured.”

  2. Anna on Nov 15, 2010 said:

    I love Breezy’s paintings, and this one is lovely.

  3. Jenna on Nov 15, 2010 said:

    Breezy has a wonderful and true talent for art… What a blessing!

  4. Kate on Nov 15, 2010 said:

    So sweet! :)

  5. Jennifer @ Milk & Honey Mommy on Nov 15, 2010 said:

    Emily Rose,

    The drawing is beautiful. Your sister definitely has a wonderful skill (and yes talent). I always like watching people go from a blank page to creation.

    I love the peak out of the window. It reminds me of when we use to live in the country. I miss those days.

  6. Rachel Crosswhite on Nov 15, 2010 said:

    oh my … that painting is beautiful !!! I LOVE it!!

    and, just a question…The camera you use…has it disaponted you in any way? Because I want to get a good camera and although I don’t have the kind of money for one like you have, maybe when I’m a litle older. But, I think the pictures are just beautful that you take, so I was wondering if you think your camera wa a good buy. :)

    Rachel ~

  7. Miss. Antoinette on Nov 15, 2010 said:

    Breezy did such a lovely job, and it is so warm and inviting! My visions of fall in every aspect! :)


    Miss Antoinette

  8. Kristiana on Nov 15, 2010 said:

    She has captured the colors of autumn so beautifully in this piece. I think it is one of my favorite’s of all the pieces she has done.

  9. Miu on Nov 16, 2010 said:

    Oh, this is so beautiful!!

  10. Elizabeth on Nov 16, 2010 said:

    Breezy did such an amazing job!!! Her talent continually is such an inspiration and blessing to me and it is so lovely to see her using it in so many ways for His glory!


  11. Kate {The Parchment Girl} on Nov 16, 2010 said:

    I love Breezy’s style! The children she paints have this wonderful victorian feel to them–so sweet and beautiful!

  12. Jennifer @ Her Southern Charm on Nov 17, 2010 said:

    She is SO talented! Love her style. :)

    And please check out my awesome giveaway: Mend Mark of Love bracelet…a symbol of God’s greatest sacrifice…His Son.


  13. Pauline Vane on Nov 18, 2010 said:

    The picture shows hard work in art! :) I love how it’s said: ‘the crisp, cool air and the trees dropping their summer glory’…… it sounds like fall! Breezy’s painting is absolutely lovely~


  14. Mrs. June Fuentes on Nov 19, 2010 said:

    You both are so talented—keep up the excellent work as you both serve Him. Also say ‘hi’ to your mom and let her know we miss her!

    Many blessings…

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