9 March 2011

Here’s a little peek into what we’ve been doing…

CSA Farm

We visited what we call a “happy farm” last week, where home-grown, grass fed animals enjoying life on the farm (following the pure, chemical-free, field rotation farming methods of Joe Salatin).

There was a pygmy goat kid in one of the barns that seemed to have quite enraptured the cats.

Chicken for Stock

At the farm we picked up a little hen that was frozen from last fall. It made for a wonderful stock which was simmering all day Monday. It tastes delicious. Meat broths and stocks are wonderfully good for the digestive system and are healing to the gut.

Bently smelling.

And Bently has been curious, as always. He makes his way into nearly every photo-shoot, no matter what the subject is. It is rather endearing.

We’ve also been planning our garden, organizing sewing projects for an upcoming event, and enjoying the occasional – yet beautiful – spring-like weather!

In the light of a king’s face there is life,
and his favor is like the clouds that bring the spring rain.

—Proverbs 16:15

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  1. 21 Responses to “A farm, some stock, and a tad bit of curiosity.”

  2. Stephanie on Mar 9, 2011 said:

    I love the goat photo! So sweet! It’s funny you mention Joel! We just recieved our Polyface DVD in the mail today! He is brilliant, I think!
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Stephanie on Mar 9, 2011 said:

    Oh and I forgot to mention that you can make beef stock with a “soup-bone” {beef bone} the same way you make chicken stock! Delish with beef stew’s!Most butcher shops have them…

  4. KallyLyn on Mar 9, 2011 said:

    I love your photography… I wish I could afford that kind of camera… :-)

    My family is in the process of buying a farm to do this on, so I thought it quite funny that you posted about this right now. :-) Joel Salatin is a great inspiration. He has been able to put into practise the things that my parents have anticipated wanting to do for years. I can’t wait to get our own chickens! :-)

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Homeschool on the Croft on Mar 9, 2011 said:

    I could almost smell the chicken cooking…. what a beauty bird!

  6. Elizabeth on Mar 9, 2011 said:

    Thanks for sharing, Emily Rose! I always enjoy reading about your recent happenings. Mmm…homemade chicken stock is delicious for soups, etc. Bentley…so sweet, although I’m sure at times it can be hard to keep him out of photo shoots. =) Are your sewing projects for the upcoming FD Retreat? Just wondering. =)

    Blessings, dear friend!
    With Joy in Christ,

  7. Sara on Mar 9, 2011 said:

    Oh, I love this post! I love the idea of a happy farm, I love the goat picture (ahem – deserves children’s story – ahem), the stock looks delicious (or will once its cooked…) and I ALWAYS love Bentley, especially when surrounded by pretty tins and rug! Did one of you make the rug?

  8. Jessica on Mar 10, 2011 said:

    That little pygmy goat is adorable! Your pictures are lovely!

  9. Rachel Irene on Mar 10, 2011 said:

    Eat mor Chikn :) (that’s chick-fil-a’s motto)

    I love the picture of the goats! Did you get to milk them? :D

  10. Sarah on Mar 10, 2011 said:

    The photo of the cats and pygmy goat was so cute!! Lovely post. : )


  11. Miss. Antoinette on Mar 11, 2011 said:

    How exciting Emily Rose!!! We are getting read for our garden as well over here at our grandparents house this year!
    SO what are y’all growing? So far we have a couple herbs, which is what we are going to be growing more of this year than anything else! :)

    Blessings in Christ,

    Miss Antoinette

  12. Don & Shelly on Mar 13, 2011 said:

    Emily Rose, do you enjoy a good love story? We’re posting a true story on our blog and we think people may really enjoy it. It’s the story of 2 Christian kids that fell in love. We’ve posted 5 parts so far and below is the link to part 1. Check it out and let us know what you think:


    ~Don & Shelly~

  13. Ann in GA on Mar 20, 2011 said:

    Emily Rose,
    God has given you such a wonderful gift with your photography skills. It is beautiful to see how you are using the gift to bring Him glory. Can’t wait to see all that you will do for Him in the future. Just beautiful!

  14. Katie Bekah on Mar 24, 2011 said:

    What a lovely post! The little goat is so adorable! Thank you for sharing.

    I just discovered your blog the other day and really like it.

    God bless!
    ~Katie Bekah

  15. Rebekah on Mar 27, 2011 said:

    That last photograph is so cute! The first one too… Cats are so curious. :)

    To the KING be all the glory!

  16. Jessica on Mar 28, 2011 said:

    I love the goat photo! When we build our home my husband wishes to have a goat named John Deere as well as a cow named Bessie. As long as I’m not milking, :)

    I’d love to link you to my blog, if you don’t mind.

  17. Meredith on Mar 31, 2011 said:

    I love those pictures. I wanna move to a farm now!

  18. Jessica on Apr 1, 2011 said:

    heehee! Bently Scribbles – love the name. Who on earth taught him to love the camera? :)

  19. Pauline on Apr 1, 2011 said:

    What a happy looking family life!

  20. A Rancher's Wife on Apr 6, 2011 said:

    beautiful photos! thumbs up for home-grown, grass fed animals!

  21. Rebecca on Apr 9, 2011 said:

    Hello Emily,
    That does look like a healthy, delicious chicken! Last week my family and I went on a tour of Joel Salatin’s farm. It was neat to visit the place where the author/farmer who inspired us to begin farming lives and works – we learned a lot and saw farm operations which are very similar to ours (except his are on a much larger scale)!
    I like how you described farms that prescribe to these sustainable practices as “happy.” Our customers see the life our chickens have and comment, “Those are some happy chickens!” :)

  22. Barbara on May 3, 2011 said:

    Came across your website looking for inspiration and found that and more! Thank you. Spent a lovely ‘quiet’ half an hour with you and friends while men are taking out old kitchen. I sell photo cards so enjoyed your photos. and appreciate how you have to catch the moment. Love the Bible quotes too. Will get my sewing machine set up and start sewing which I haven’t done for a while but like to make and sew for family and friends and also sell and give proceeds to charity. Must dash
    With Gods Blessings

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