28 October 2010

Daughters of His Story Paper Dolls: Collections Four, Five & Six

We are delighted to present our latest paper dolls from the Daughters of His Story series. We have had a wonderful time this summer working on the next three collections which feature Martha Washington and Eliza Lucas Pinckney, Mary Anna Jackson and Susannah Spurgeon, and Elizabeth Prentiss and Anne Bradstreet.

Daughters of His Story Paper Dolls

These ladies have become so dear to us as we studied their lives and legacies. We hope that they become as dear to to you, and that you are blessed by the Lord’s goodness radiating from their hearts. We want young ladies to grow up knowing that the Lord cherishes purity and holiness, and that He changes the world through those who are faithful to His Word.

Noble Rose Press is having a grand sale for the announcement
of the latest paper dolls! Click here to see the great prices and read a
little more about these godly women from history!

It is not only possible to remain unstained by the world, by the Lord’s strength, but it is imperative that we be proactive in glorifying God in our lives. These women from the past are shining examples of dedication to the Lord’s work as wives and mothers who changed the world.

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  2. Miss Rebekah Ann S. on Oct 28, 2010 said:

    I’m so excited about these, dear friend! :) Thank you for your wonderful hard work. I couldn’t be more thrilled with your choice of ladies; superb! I cherish the day when (Lord willing) my own precious daughters will be able to play with and learn from these!


  3. Muthering Heights on Oct 28, 2010 said:

    They’re GORGEOUS!!! You and Breezy did an excellent job! :)

  4. Hannah on Oct 28, 2010 said:

    Oh, God is so good! This is a wonderful ministry that you have and I love the modest, biblical and Godly woman for the paperdolls! There are so many paper dolls out there that are less than that (thankfully, I haven’t seen a Beyonce or Paris Hilton one; not that I know much about them besides their names, but I’m just using them as a reference point as to what kind of paper dolls, clothing, and all sorts of items are out there) and this is such a light to bring to this generation. :)

    Bless you and your family! :)

  5. Rachel on Oct 28, 2010 said:

    The first sets were so beautiful I was hoping you two would make more!! :)

  6. Madeline on Oct 28, 2010 said:

    They are so Beautiful! I was excited to see in the Vision Forum catalog that you were making available three more collections!
    God Bless,

  7. Kinsey on Oct 28, 2010 said:

    I love this! This is amazing. God is amazing! :)

  8. Annie on Oct 29, 2010 said:

    I am new to your blog, but I absolutly love your things! Please keep up the good work providing lovey and modest examples for our daughters.
    God Bless,

  9. april on Oct 29, 2010 said:

    They are beautiful! I hope to be able to get them for my three girls, soon.

  10. Stephanie.Nicole on Oct 29, 2010 said:

    How lovely! I’m about to start ordering these set-by-set to send to my sponsored child in Sri Lanka. She’s 8 and would love these! And they’re the perfect size to fit in a flat package, being paper and all. ;)

    Thanks so much for all the work you two put into these!

  11. Rachel Crosswhite on Oct 29, 2010 said:

    Wow!! Thoe paper dolls are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!! You girls have such talent!! I hope to get some or all of those paper dolls. :) God bless you!

    Love, Rachel

    PS – Emily, I was at the 2008 Vision forum Father and Daughter retreat…I was looking through some pictures of the retreat and saw you, your sister, and your father on there!! I don’t remember meeting you, but now I can say that we’ve crossed path!! :)

  12. Jessica on Oct 29, 2010 said:

    Oooh, very exciting! I wondered if you had more on your way!

  13. Elizabeth on Oct 29, 2010 said:

    Beautiful, once again, ladies! I saw the new collection in the Vision Forum magazine and checked Noble Rose Press a few times to see if you had announced them yet. It looks like another wonderful set, ready to be treasured and cherished by many little girls!

    Joyfully in Jesus,

  14. Chloe-Jane on Oct 30, 2010 said:

    Just to let you know I am hosting a give away on my blog: http://lovinglife777.blogspot.com/
    Love In Christ,

  15. Rachel Crosswhite on Oct 30, 2010 said:

    I saw them in the Vision Forum Catolog also!!

  16. Pauline Vane on Oct 30, 2010 said:

    I am really impressed! You are wonderful, Emily Rose!!!

  17. Fruitful Vine Lady on Nov 1, 2010 said:

    Such beautiful work you two have done. My Emma mentioned her desire to have them again to me, so I just had to tell her that I have the entire set for her and her sisters. We will cut them out when we get home! I loved meeting you and your family last week. I hope we will meet again soon!
    Mrs. Chapa

  18. Julianne on Nov 2, 2010 said:

    These are very nice, however, I have to admit that I am discouraged that they are not racially diverse. I am from a multi-racial family and it is very important for us to surround ourselves (and the kids) with toys, books, dolls, etc. that are not only faith-encouraging but also depict their race (African-American) but other races as well – asian, hispanic, etc. Although I do recognize that their is a native-american doll, but I would really encourage you to include a variety of races to express God’s love and beauty of girls of ALL races!

  19. No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane on Nov 3, 2010 said:

    I love these so much.
    I have been really struggling lately with the whole “princess movement” and would love to introduce these to my daughter instead.
    Would you allow me to feature these on my blog? I know my readers would love these.

  20. Emily Rose on Nov 3, 2010 said:

    Rachel, yes, you most certainly may feature our paper dolls on your blog! Thank you for wanting to spread the word! Blessings, Emily Rose

  21. Emily Rose on Dec 12, 2011 said:

    Julianne, thank you for your comment! Here are a couple links that will help explain our beliefs on race:
    I hope that is helpful!

    We do desire to add more ethnicities to our collection of paper dolls. (And welcome suggestions!)

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