14 April 2010

Autumn Leftovers in the Square-Foot Garden

After an autumn and winter of leaves and snow, our square-foot gardening boxes were left this spring holding on tight to the leaves and growing a few little foreigners (a.k.a. weeds that should not have been there).

Each box is 4′ x 4′ with small boards on top dividing the large box into sixteen small boxes. The soil is made from compost, vermiculite and peat moss.

When plating in the miniature boxes, the number of seeds/starters per 1′ x 1′ depends on how large the plant will grow to be. For example four lettuces per small square and sixteen spinach’s per small square.

A Clean Square-Foot Garden

After cleaning out the boxes, Breezy planted several seeds (thanks to Auntie Lou) which have already sprouted and are growing nicely. Last year we made three square foot gardening boxes and this year we plan to make three more!

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  2. Caitydid on Apr 15, 2010 said:

    Hi! I’ve been looking at your blog off and on when ever I get the chance and this one reminded me of our own garden boxes! My dad just made my mom two Strawberry boxes for fit our one hundred plants! It looks great and I can’t wait to taste the first ripe berry! YUM. but I like your idea, on taking a four’x’four and deviding it even more. I may do that this year because I would LOVE to do my own garden this year! So yea. I just thougt I would share that with you. Thanks!! Caity

  3. Kate on Apr 15, 2010 said:

    How exciting… :) I can’t believe the time for gardening is here again already! Mom really would like to try the square-foot method this year.

  4. The Aunt on Apr 15, 2010 said:

    I am glad we started SFG this year. Looking forward to the harvests. When do you put our your herb plants?

  5. Kristen ~ Pajama Mama on Apr 15, 2010 said:

    I just started 2 boxes this year 4×8! I’m so excited about what we’ll harvest! Why is it so fun to see growth? Perhaps a glimpse at what creation was like?


  6. Kate on Apr 15, 2010 said:

    Interesting… I have never heard of that kind of gardening before. Do the dividers get placed on top of a raised garden bed? Beautiful photos!

  7. Elizabeth on Apr 15, 2010 said:

    Looks wonderful, Emily Rose!
    We started a garden last year at our cousins’ farm around fifteen minutes away from our home, which is very nice. We are very excited to begin planting this year!

    Joyfully in Jesus,

  8. Sara on Apr 15, 2010 said:

    My Mom JUST got a book on square foot gardening today. I can’t wait to start!

  9. Rhonda Devine on Apr 15, 2010 said:

    I love my boxes and find them wonderful for growing herbs, spinach, and lettuces. They are so much easier to weed, aren’t they?
    BTW~Congratulations on the championship for your great camera work for the Indiana Homeschool Photography Contest!

  10. Allison on Apr 15, 2010 said:

    Ooo! That makes me want to dig in our garden right now! I am trying to figure out how to make boxes for my herbs and you gave me a few ideas! Thank-you!!!

  11. Rachel on Apr 16, 2010 said:

    Oh, they look great! :D Gardening is soo much fun! I bet you get a lot less weeds by using these boxes. :) I love the shot of the cleaned out boxes…I love looking at “clean” dirt. ;) Lol!

    Blessings and Hugs!

  12. sheer whimsy on Apr 17, 2010 said:

    oh my goodness, i love your blog! the photos, writing, everything! most of all, i love that i’ve encountered another sister in Christ in the blogosphere! :)

  13. Jessica on Apr 17, 2010 said:

    Hi Emily,
    We’ve done square foot gardening for a few years now, though slightly different to the ‘traditional process’. Instead of using posts, like you have, we have made the square meter beds higher and stomped down the pathways to elevate the beds. It’s actually about time for us to start thinking more about planting our garden too; we just need to wait for the wet season to finish!

  14. Anna on Apr 17, 2010 said:

    I haven’t gardened for about 10 years, but you make me want to again!

  15. Ruth Ann on Apr 19, 2010 said:

    Oh, your boxes are so neat! I’ve been interested in square foot gardening for a long time. :) We’ve done gardening for years, but mostly in long rows in a big area, where my great-grandmother did. However, I’m just attracted to the neatness [and ‘cuteness’!] of square foot gardening ~ and how it seems like the upkeep would be much simpler. :)

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