24 September 2009

. . . up into an oak-tree, and have lots of haycorns just outside the front door instead of having to walk miles and miles, do you see, Pooh?”

– The House At Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne

Piglet by Breezy Brookshire

Last Autumn, I asked my dearest sister if she would do a special project for me. The project would be three small paintings of one dear little character.

That little character was Piglet, the sweet little Piglet in A.A. Milne’s books with “decorations” (illustrations) by Ernest H. Shepard.

This past Spring, little Piglet emerged from the art studio as whimsical as ever. The three pieces I requested that she draw and paint were of Piglet planting the “haycorn.”

Above are the illustrations that she made — they are a special gift from a treasured sister.

  1. 20 Responses to ““I’m planting a haycorn, Pooh, so that it can grow . . .”

  2. Miss Rebekah Ann S. on Sep 24, 2009 said:

    A special gift indeed! What sweet artwork! So innocent and whimsical.

  3. Miss Eyebright on Sep 24, 2009 said:

    Aw, that just about made me cry! Those are so sweet, and I can just imagine them hanging framed on a wall.

    Have a very bright, very cheerful day,
    Miss Eyebright

  4. Elizabeth on Sep 24, 2009 said:

    Hello Emily Rose!
    What a lovely post and paintings by Breezy! I noticed it was filed under “Hopechest”. Are you putting it in your hopechest? That would be lovely!

    Joyfully in Jesus,

    P.S. I awarded you on my blog for the “Honest Award.”

  5. Shannon on Sep 24, 2009 said:

    How lovely! I actually can’t tell them apart from the original Shepard illustrations (did he even do Piglet planting the haycorn?). Thank you for sharing your special gift with us!

    Yours in Christ,

  6. Emily Rose on Sep 24, 2009 said:

    Yes, E.H. Shepard did illustrate Piglet planting the “haycorn.” Breezy’s copy is unlike E.H. Shepard’s in the fact that it is in color rather than black & white (but I must say that I am partial to Breezy’s, even if it does look very similar). ;)

  7. Holly on Sep 24, 2009 said:

    How adorable! She’s so lucky to be able to draw that well! :)

  8. Buttercup on Sep 24, 2009 said:

    how cute! I love Piglet!

  9. Annie on Sep 24, 2009 said:

    How cute and whimsical! And how sweet of Breezy to paint them for you. Simply adorable. *sigh*

  10. Kristen ~ Pajama Mama on Sep 25, 2009 said:

    so sweet. i consider the creativity in my family such a blessing and love seeing others appreciating the talent in their family!

    Happy Fall!


  11. Julia on Sep 25, 2009 said:

    Hello Emily Rose!

    How sweet! I love piglet… he had to be one of my very favorite ‘Pooh-bear’ characters! :)

    Thank you for the comment – it’s always so nice to hear from you. :)

    Love & Hugs,

  12. Lauren on Sep 25, 2009 said:

    Hi,Emily Rose! I found your blog through another girl’s blog. I have been looking for godly womens blogs and am so glad I found yours! It is inspiring.

    God Bless,

  13. momawake on Sep 25, 2009 said:

    Oh so cute! And sweet. Piglet is one of my favorites.

  14. Deb on Sep 26, 2009 said:

    Oh my, that is the sweetest thing ever! I need to get over here more often, because your blog always leaves me with a peaceful feeling. Thanks for sharing!


  15. Shutterbug on Sep 26, 2009 said:

    Precious, absolutely precious. :) Both, the relationship you two have and the sweet paintings. Miss you. :'(
    Lord willing we’ll see you soon!
    Love and hugs,
    Marie :)

  16. Laura on Sep 26, 2009 said:

    Those are so sweet. Well done, Breezy!

    We had lots of A.A. Milne around the house when my brother and I were young. I will have to start building up our “Pooh” library for the next generation of Singers. :-)

  17. Miss Jen on Sep 27, 2009 said:

    What a treasure!

    Love~ Miss Jen

  18. McKenzie Elizabeth on Sep 27, 2009 said:

    Hello Emily Rose!
    Those are so sweet! My six year old sister loved the paintings!


  19. Jessica on Sep 27, 2009 said:

    I didn’t even notice the difference (I have seen some drawings of piglet in colour) until you said it was Breezy’s work! As soon as you said so though, I could see clearly that it was Breezy’s amazing artwork! She did a wonderful job – and is certainly a treasure forever!

  20. Natasha on Sep 28, 2009 said:

    Simply lovely!

  21. Sara on Oct 22, 2009 said:

    Oh, I love it! <3

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