30 August 2010

A Plate of Oats

Patiently waiting for the completion of a photo shoot, Bently stood a few feet away watching the scenery and taking in the smells of the great outdoors.

After the photo shoot was finished, he realized what was actually on the plate being photographed . . . and he also realized that the contents were edible . . . and rather scrumptious looking.

Eating Oats

For his endurance and patience while waiting, he got his reward.

His Reward: Getting to Eat the Oats

P.S. No worries, he ate just a few small bites.

  1. 13 Responses to “He got his reward.”

  2. Kate on Aug 30, 2010 said:

    You just have to love his sweet brown eyebrows and the wrinkles in his nose. :) Our little Spence feels the same way about anything on a plate…

  3. Cousin Marjorie on Aug 30, 2010 said:

    What’s wrong with letting the dog lick kitchen dishes…

    I still have to admit that he is a cute little guy.

  4. Anna Olivia on Aug 30, 2010 said:

    I want to meet Mr. Bently someday. =)

  5. Madeline on Aug 30, 2010 said:

    Bently is just adorable!!

  6. Elizabeth on Aug 30, 2010 said:

    Awww….Bently is quite adorable and it looks like he found the oats quite delicious indeed! :)

    Blessings, Emily Rose~

  7. Miss. Antoinette on Aug 30, 2010 said:

    LOL, that is something my kitty would do, only she would not be so patient, she would just hop onto the table and start smelling the contents of the items I was taking photos of, then maybe take a lick or two of she liked it! :)

    Mr. Bently is sooo sweet!


    Miss Antoinette

  8. Hannah on Aug 30, 2010 said:

    Lovely photos! The last one is my favorite–the DOF is just gorgeous. (hee hee…I typed DOG at first. ;-))

  9. Sara B on Aug 30, 2010 said:

    Mr. Bently is such a Very Good Dog. :)

  10. Pauline Vane on Aug 30, 2010 said:

    What a cute dog!!!!!

  11. Kirsten on Aug 30, 2010 said:

    How cute! One of my three doggies would have gobbled everything up – even the plate.

  12. Tarissa on Aug 31, 2010 said:

    Oh, Bentley! You’re just too cute.

    Such beautiful photography, Emily Rose! And I hope that the recipe for that scrumptious dish is going to be posted soon. I, just like Bentley, would like to taste it. :~)

    ~ Tarissa

  13. Rachel Crosswhite on Aug 31, 2010 said:

    I agree with Pauline :D

  14. Eden on Aug 31, 2010 said:

    Oh, he’s so adorable! Love your photographs too. :-) Blessings!

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