16 February 2012

Hamburger Spinach Quiche

I had my doubts about this one. Hamburger – yes! Quiche – yes! But, spinach? In a quiche?

It wasn’t until two years ago when I went gluten-free that I started branching out of the standard American diet (which, in my case, was almost veggie-free).

Hamburger Spinach Quiche

My mindset when it comes to food has entirely changed since then. The Lord has amazingly adjusted my appetite and attitude towards nutritious eating. But there are still occasional times (such as when it came to a spinach quiche) where I wonder – can that really be good?

But this recipe, like so many up to this point, proved my hesitation wrong.

Hamburger Spinach Quiche

This is delicious! A new family favorite. It may even make it onto our weekly menu. We’ll see.

Hesitating? Go ahead – try this recipe and enjoy! (Updated link – we simply leave out the crust, making it wonderfully gluten-free!)

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  2. Emily on Feb 16, 2012 said:

    i ADORE spinach quiche! it is a family favorite around here. we all enjoy healthy and natural eating and use fresh spinach from the garden as much a possible.

  3. Pat on Feb 16, 2012 said:

    I have a spinach mushroom quiche recipe everyone asks for every where i go. Yum.

  4. Rachel on Feb 16, 2012 said:

    Looks delicious! :)

  5. CreativeLee on Feb 16, 2012 said:

    That looks D-vine!

  6. Brittany on Feb 16, 2012 said:

    This looks very good! Our family is not a big fan of cooked spinach, but maybe one of these days we’ll get brave and try it. (I saved the recipe in my “gluten free” folder just in case:-) Your pictures are wonderful, and definitely add a lot of appeal to the recipe. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Sarah on Feb 16, 2012 said:

    spinach is my favorite.

  8. KallyLyn on Feb 16, 2012 said:

    We like to use dandelion leaves in Spring. In late Summer, when we have lots of zuccini, we grate or chunk up various summer squashes and put that in. Zuccini Quiche with a tad bit of asiago cheese on top is divine! :-)

  9. Elena on Feb 16, 2012 said:

    Oh, we love this recipe! Variations of this is served for breakfast at least three times a week, a great way to get protein in the morning. :)

  10. Kathryn Grace on Feb 16, 2012 said:

    How funny… I would have hesitated about hamburger in a quiche but wouldn’t think twice about putting spinach in it! :-) Looks yummy!

  11. Heather :) :) :) on Feb 16, 2012 said:

    I noticed the recipe calls for a little bit of flour. What gluten free option did you use as a substitute? I like spinach, but sometimes I’m really picky about the texture of certain foods…so for spinach, I’d chop it up super fun…because I like to eat veggies without feeling like I’m eating a whole head of lettuce etc :) :) This looks really good :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  12. Emily Rose on Feb 16, 2012 said:

    Heather, we actually exclude the flour and it turns out perfectly! (I’ve updated the post to mention this – thank you for asking about it.)

  13. Megan on Feb 17, 2012 said:

    Emily, this looks very tasty. For a lot of people the fact that it is green can cause them to presuppose that it can’t taste good. :) Once you overlook the color of a dish, there are quite a few meals that are very good.

  14. Dawnita on Feb 17, 2012 said:

    I love spinach quiche. You can litterally make it with any vegies. Squash is good too. I’ve been making my quich with cream cheese (yum!). Yes, fattening, I know, but totally worth it!

  15. Kimberly on Feb 18, 2012 said:

    Spinach is WONDERFUL!! I’ve been adding it (okay, sneaking it) into a number of out daily meals. Chopped up super fine, it’s easily passed off as “seasoning” to my picky eaters.

    Our favorite quiche recipe is spinach, bacon, and Jarlsberg. :)

    I first read your post and had a different reaction … Spinach – yes! Quiche – yes! But, hamburger? In a quiche?

    Interesting recipe … I’ll give it a try!!

  16. Tammy on Feb 19, 2012 said:

    This looks sooo yummy! I can’t wait to try it. A friend gave me a wonderful quiche recipe that is now a tradition for our Christmas morning breakfast. This one might be added to the dinner menu. Thank you soo much!

  17. Christine Thomas on Feb 20, 2012 said:

    This quiche is seriously good. It did take a lot longer to bake, though. I think I will put it in a little bit larger dish to bake next time. I also cut the amount of spinach by about 1/2 as I didn’t want the first time to be too spinachy…We loved it and it reheats in the microwave very nicely.

  18. Emily Rose on Feb 21, 2012 said:

    Just realized this evening that I linked to the wrong recipe – sorry about that! I updated the post: this is the recipe we actually use and we simply leave out the crust. (For your reference, here is the recipe that I originally linked to, which we haven’t made before.)

  19. Christine Thomas on Feb 29, 2012 said:

    Oh man…so glad I decided to check the comments. I bookmarked your page for the recipe and tonight only found the updated recipe. So glad I read the comments and saw that you had corrected yourself. Thank you.

  20. Hayley on Mar 7, 2012 said:

    Hmmm, yum. I miss quiche. Spinach and bacon has been a long time favorite of mine. Hamburger would be cheaper though! You can really do any combination. I’ve even had peas and ham! The one problem though….I have to be dairy free. Any ideas on how to making it without dairy?

  21. Kate on Mar 13, 2012 said:

    Our feelings are opposite. Our family is vegetarian, so reading this post, I thought, “Hamburger?! In spinach quiche?!”

  22. Taylor Garms on Apr 2, 2012 said:

    This was a delight to make, and yes – though I had doubts – it was delicious. It was good to eat as an entire family, since my mom recently discovered she has a gluten insensitivity. This was my first gluten-free recipe to make, so, thanks for sharing! :)

  23. Nicole on Apr 9, 2014 said:

    Help! I wanted to make this again tonight, but the link isn’t working. Anybody else having a problem?

  24. Emily Rose on Apr 10, 2014 said:

    Nicole, I think Tammy’s Recipes was having server trouble last night, but it’s back up and running! You can see the recipe here.

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