22 May 2010

Chive in a Teapot

One does not need to have a degree, nor even a tremendous talent, to enjoy and bring enjoyment to others through the medium of gardening. God’s planted garden was both pleasant to look at and its produce was good to eat! There should be something of both these aspects in every person’s garden.

This reminds me of playing with a little friend and going to the garden to gather things for “tea” . . . in the garden we found the perfect ingredients for our teapot as well as some lovely flowers for decoration.

There is great satisfaction in . . . restoring some old cast-off to a place of usefulness and beauty, or rescuing some discarded piece of wood, stone or metal from the dump and turning it into an object that has purpose and charm in your home.

Just like making flowers out of fabric, we can create things and express the creativity that the Lord has given us. (By the way, the tutorial is coming next week!)

We foolish mortals sometime live through years of not realizing how short life is, and that TODAY is our life.

Today is our life. Let us spend every moment with wisdom and in the fear of the Lord!

People so often look with longing into a daydream future, while ignoring the importance of the present.

We must live everyday to its fullest in serving our God. We need to be passionate about tomorrow and today, so that we can be prepared for the future and not miss the opportunities that the Lord gives us here and now.

All italicized quotations are from the book “Hidden Art” by Edith Schaeffer.

  1. 4 Responses to “Gardens, Creating, Life & the Future”

  2. Miss Jen on May 23, 2010 said:

    What a beautiful post….
    filled with rich inspiring quotations!

    Love & Blessings~ Jen

  3. Gina on May 23, 2010 said:

    Can I ask what kind of camera you use? I found your blog a while back when I was looking for a recipe for blueberry muffins (yours has become my favorite, by the way!!) and I kept following because your photography is so beautiful!

  4. Sara on May 25, 2010 said:

    Oh, how I must read this book!!

  5. Miss. Antoinette on May 25, 2010 said:

    What lovely quotes Miss Emily!!!! Thanks for sharing such encouraging words!

    Blessings in Christ,

    Miss Antoinette

    *1 Corinthians 10:31*

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