14 October 2011

Boots on the stream...

‎”Every woman, whether rich or poor, married or single, has a circle of influence within which, according to her character, she is exerting a certain amount of power for good or harm. Every woman by her virtue or her vice, by her wisdom or her folly, by her dignity or her levity is adding something to our national elevation or degradation.” —John Angell James

  1. 19 Responses to “Elevation or degradation?”

  2. Hannah Mendenhall on Oct 14, 2011 said:

    Oh, that is very good, such powerful words!

  3. Cynthia on Oct 14, 2011 said:

    Wonderful quote!

  4. Colleen on Oct 14, 2011 said:

    I like ur skirt!

  5. Cheri on Oct 14, 2011 said:

    Powerfully spoken, and so true! Thankyou for the reminder.

  6. Liezel on Oct 15, 2011 said:

    Beautiful and so, so true!

    Thank you!


  7. Crista Moriah on Oct 15, 2011 said:

    What a beautiful quote!! I love the meaning behind it. :)


  8. Shelby L'Rae on Oct 15, 2011 said:

    Fantastic quote – and this photo is amazing.

  9. Kimberley O'Rourke on Oct 15, 2011 said:

    So much truth in this quote. I was immediately reminded of Paul’s letter to Titus (ch. 2) regarding women and the way we should live and specifically how we should train the younger generation to live.

  10. Gabrielle Renee on Oct 15, 2011 said:

    Love those words! Beautiful photo, Emily!


  11. Lisa Rice on Oct 15, 2011 said:

    Excellent reminder, Emily Rose.
    Thanks for posting it!

  12. Persuaded on Oct 17, 2011 said:

    Hon, this is precisely what I needed to hear this morning♥

  13. Beth on Oct 17, 2011 said:

    Beautiful reminder. Thanks for the inspiration and for the beautiful blog!

  14. Penni Hill on Oct 17, 2011 said:

    Thank you for posting this quote. –A timely reminder of just how much impact we have in the lives of those around us.

  15. Bethany on Oct 20, 2011 said:

    Very true. It makes me evaluate everything I do. Thank you for sharing this!

  16. Annie on Oct 20, 2011 said:

    This is a lovely and inspiring quote that has made it’s way to my quote journal. =) And what a beautiful photograph…Maggie’s skirt is lovely!


  17. Rhonda Devine on Oct 24, 2011 said:

    Love, love, love that quote!(and the pic too!)

  18. Mindy on Oct 30, 2011 said:

    Oh, to be forever conscious of that fact. So many times we fall into reacting instead of living with intention, aware of the example we are setting, and the fact as a Christian woman we should always exhibit the character of Christ. May God write it on my heart so I won’t forget.

  19. Jen @ Paisley Print Shoes on Nov 3, 2011 said:

    What a beautiful quote! We were directed here because of your thankful tree and I’m so glad we were! What a beautiful blog.

  20. Janelle@GraceTags on Nov 15, 2011 said:

    What an incredible quote!


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