6 February 2010

Yes, stuffed French Toast. As if French toast wasn’t good enough—it just got better!

This morning my dear mother prepared this delightful dish! We ate it while listening to Mr. Botkin’s Saturday Morning Online Mentoring.

Stuffed French Toast

1 loaf French bread, cut into 8 diagonal slices (making very large slices)
1 cup homemade cream cheese (recipe below)
1/2 cup fruit preserves (we used peach)
5 eggs
1 cup milk
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1/4 tsp. cinnamon

Cut a each thick bread slice almost in half by cutting from the top crust almost to the bottom crust, making a pocket. Be careful to not slice completely through the bread. Mix cream cheese and preserves in small bowl. Spoon cream mixture evenly into each pocket.

Beat eggs, milk, vanilla and cinnamon in a small bowl, until well mixed. Dip stuffed bread slices in egg mixture,  making sure to let the excess drip off.

Spray griddle (our favorite!) or skillet with non-stick cooking spray. Cook bread slices over medium heat until golden brown, flip, and cook on other side.

For extra beauty, sprinkle each slice with powdered sugar. Serve with maple syrup, fruits, and/or whipped cream, if desired. Makes 8 slices of delicious Stuffed French Toast!

Homemade Cream Cheese
(it’s as easy as can be!)

1 1/2 cups nonfat plain yogurt

Line strainer with cheese cloth. Place strainer in bowl, large enough to hold the drained liquid without touching the strainer. Let strain in refrigerator for 4-8 hours. Discard the liquid in the bottom of the bowl.

The homemade cream cheese is what is left in the strainer! You can do this the day before it is needed, and store the cream cheese in a container after being drained.

We all thought it tasted delicious! The filling was great, but I think we put a little too much in the pocket. Next time we’ll put in less, and it will be perfect!

  1. 18 Responses to “Delicious Stuffed French Toast”

  2. Emily Elizabeth on Feb 6, 2010 said:

    Mm-m-m! I just ate and I’m hungry again! Those look quite delicious. I will have to try them some time :D Maybe when I have a kitchen again… :P

  3. Hannah Mendenhall on Feb 6, 2010 said:

    Mr. Botkin’s program was fantastic today!

  4. Erica Lea on Feb 6, 2010 said:

    That sounds so good. I would use full-fat yogurt. :D Your photos are beautiful, of course.

  5. Haviland Franco on Feb 6, 2010 said:

    Um that look’s good.Those look so DELICIOUS!!!
    I hope we can met soon.I love your blog.
    My sister has blog you can go to Happylifeathome.blogspot.com i hope you like it.

    Haviland Franco

  6. Lauren Brittany on Feb 6, 2010 said:

    Wow! Those look fantastic! I can’t wait to try them out!

    (And just for the record, we’re waiting for dinner to finish cooking and now I’m more hungry than ever! Those look just way to delicious right now…)


  7. Elena on Feb 6, 2010 said:

    Those look delicious Emily!

  8. Miss. Antoinette on Feb 6, 2010 said:

    Oh, miss Rose! That looks sooooo yummy! Now my brother’s and father are going to want those for breakfast sometime! lol :)

    It looks so yummy, my mouth is watering as I write this comment!!! :)

    Thanks for sharing,

    A sister in Christ,

    Miss Antoinette

  9. Hannah Braboy on Feb 7, 2010 said:

    That sounds really yummy! I have heard of making cream cheese before, but never tried it. I do make my own yogurt, though. I wonder how it would turn out make with that?

  10. Esther on Feb 7, 2010 said:

    Those look yummy! Can’t wait to make them.


  11. Miss Annabee on Feb 7, 2010 said:

    That looks marvelous. <3

    Oh…I can hardly say how much I love your blog, Emily Rose! :hugs:

  12. Allison Ruth on Feb 7, 2010 said:

    Ohhh, delicious! My family and I love french toast, and I will try this out very soon!!

  13. Elaine on Feb 7, 2010 said:

    Just found your blog…will be trying this french toast recipe. Looking forward to looking around your blog.


  14. Elizabeth on Feb 8, 2010 said:

    Looks delicious, Emily Rose! Your photography is always simply delighful!

    Joyfully in Jesus,

  15. Renee on Feb 8, 2010 said:

    Hi! I just love your blog! Thanks for the great recipe. If you get a chance, stop by my blog on Tuesday. You are mentioned in the post. Have a great day!

  16. Eyebright on Feb 10, 2010 said:

    Oh, what sweet, delicious, loverliness! I’ll have to save this recipe and try it sometime. :)

  17. Dayna on Feb 12, 2010 said:

    Mm. Sounds yummy! Can’t wait to try it!

  18. Rhonda Devine on Feb 13, 2010 said:

    Looks yummy~we’ll have to give that one a try:) We made your Baby Belugas for Christmas and we really liked them!

  19. Joy on Feb 15, 2010 said:

    I can’t wait to try this reccipe!!! You recipe for homemade cream cheese is exactly how I make it in Indonesia. Of course, I have to make the yogurt first…. :)
    My daughter and I were just cutting out some more of her paper dolls this afternoon. Thank you girls again for a lovely product!

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