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27 February 2012


I remember first delving into the world of photography and wondering what “aperture” was and how could a “wide aperture” be f/1.4 and a “narrow aperture” be f/16 – when the numbers seem to contradict their name?

Or why would I shoot manual – I’d just be adjusting the settings all the time, right?

If you’re in that spot, do not fear. Enter…

“The Beginner’s Guide to Portrait Photography”, an eBook by Lauren Hope which offers wonderfully helpful information which you can apply to improve and excel in photography.

Although this book was not available when I started learning about photography (as much as I wish it was), it is available now as a most valuable tool for all of you who are interested in portrait photography (even if it’s just a hobby!).

A snippet from the foreword, which Lauren so graciously gave me the opportunity to write:

[Lauren] covers the basics from the technical side of camera functions, to helping your subjects feel comfortable and relaxed, to making the most of your surroundings for captivating and engaging portraits… read more.

Click here to learn more about this tip- and technique-filled book! Save 25% through February 29th and purchase this eBook for only $6 – just a couple days left to save!

Keep smiling and keep practicing,