24 October 2011


One of the joys of autumn is driving to the local orchard and stocking up on apples for the next three seasons. The storefront smells delightful, and the selection of apples is quite varied (my favorite type being Jonagold).

A few weeks ago we peeled, cored, sliced, and froze over one hundred pounds of this crisp, juicy fruit. We hope to preserve more in a couple weeks, if the orchard still has enough.

We’ve already made cobblers from some of the apples. Delicious!

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  2. Annie on Oct 25, 2011 said:

    Beautiful photo, Emily Rose! Recently I made a large pan of apple crisp, and paired with a scoop of ice cream it tastes absolutely delicious. =)
    It sounds like you have been hard at work to preserve so many apples! I love how you said…”IF the orchard has enough.” =) Thanks for the encouragement to be productive!

  3. Barb S. on Oct 25, 2011 said:

    Yes, apples, apples everywhere!
    Apples Apples Everywhere @ Training Our Daughters

  4. Elizabeth on Oct 25, 2011 said:

    Our grandma’s friend has quite a few apple trees and so we are blessed to receive *quite* a few bags of apples and we picked pears with some other friends in their neighborhood, so we’ve been giving, baking and freezing lots of fruit. =) Thanks for sharing about your diligent efforts!

    P.S. We really love your apple crisp recipe-yum. =)

  5. Cori on Oct 25, 2011 said:

    Makes me miss the Indiana apple orchards :)

    See you in a couple days!

  6. EmilyRuth on Oct 25, 2011 said:

    Can I visit you? I would like to learn this stuff. I live in the suburbs. Not that I don’t love my home, but I wanna visit!

  7. Miss Jen on Oct 26, 2011 said:

    Beautiful!!! <3<3<3

  8. Victoria / Justice Pirate on Oct 26, 2011 said:


  9. Laura A on Oct 26, 2011 said:

    Oh how I wish I lived near an orchard!
    And had space for that much apples! Amazing!

  10. Rachel C on Oct 26, 2011 said:

    BEAUTIFUL Picture! We made applesauce yesterday and today :)

    What camera do you use?

  11. Rachel on Oct 26, 2011 said:

    I love the photo! It shows how true it is that autumn paints nature with the colours of a godly woman’s soul :)

    Oh, and by the way, my favorite apples are fresh honeycrisp apples (yummy).

    In Christ,
    Miss Hatcher

  12. Melissa M. on Oct 28, 2011 said:

    Love the photo! Jonagolds are really good, but my family’s personal favorite is probably Cortland (we used to get them fresh in NY).

  13. Pauline on Oct 29, 2011 said:

    Oh those apples are so RED! Yesterday my mom canned pumpkin for pumpkin pies and muffins and whatever has pumpkin.

  14. Mindy on Oct 30, 2011 said:

    I so wish apples grew here! There is a difference in store bought and those picked fresh from the tree! Enjoy your harvest!

  15. Nicole on Nov 19, 2011 said:

    Hello there! Just found your website and its just darling! Am subscribing now and look forward to more good stuff from you. God Bless!

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