26 April 2010

The Spring Bag: Handle & Fabrics

A couple months ago I created a skirt and bag from these lovely fabrics. The skirt was a must and the bag was a plus, so I made the skirt first.

The Spring Skirt: Front

The pattern is a basic A-line skirt with the length landing mid/low-calf. The pattern I made by using a calculation of my measurements (the formula can be found in this book).

The Spring Skirt: Back & Side

The skirt has a white hidden zipper. I have not sewn a normal zipper yet, but I have found the hidden zippers very simple to insert and attach (especially after getting over the intimidation of actually sewing a zipper).

The Spring Bag: A Very Larg Bag

After the skirt was finished, I moved on to designing a pattern for the bag. The bag was to be a tote-style bag that could carry a camera, three lenses, a Bible, and a notepad . . . with a little extra room left over. The completed bag had plenty of room.

At one time the bag was nearly full. It contained twelve medium sized books, a camera, three lenses, notepad, and several other accessories. Oh, and a sweater, too! It seems that this bag is reminiscent of Mary Poppin’s carpet bag — it doesn’t look too big on the outside, but the contents seem to be never-ending!

This was the first actual sample of the pattern . . . and now I know where the pattern needs adjusting and improvement, but the bag still worked well and carried the needed supplies!

The Spring Bag: Divider & Side

There is a divider in the center to separate the technological supplies from the books. The divider has been stiffened with fabric interfacing and wonder-under.

The Spring Bag: Divider & Pockets

Sewn onto the divider are three pockets of various sizes. One for pens and pencils, the middle one for business cards, and the other for a cell phone.

The Spring Bag: Handle and Flap

Attached at top on one side is a long cover made from the inside fabric. The cover drapes from one side to the other hiding the contents of the bag. This adds privacy to the bag without taking away from the tote-bag style and decorative fabric.

The Spring Skirt & Bag

The happy spring skirt and very large bag.

(Photos with me in them were taken by my sweet sister.)

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  2. Seija Wahlman on Oct 1, 2013 said:

    The skirt and the bag are really beautiful. They both matches very well.The coloured fabrics used are very good looking. It really catches other’s attention.

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